VOL 23
Issue 11v28
Str Date: 2023.332.

Virtual Reality: Is it the Future of Gaming?


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Virtual Reality: Is it the Future of Gaming?

Virtual reality is probably one of the most exciting concepts in gaming that players have seen in recent times. It allows users to step into the world of games and enjoy an immersive experience like none other, or at least it tries to provide users with an experience like this. After a not-so-great start to life in the gaming industry, VR is becoming more and more popular and widely used worldwide. With this rising popularity taken into consideration, we’re here to discuss if virtual reality is capable of being the future of gaming itself, as many once believed it to be.

Why VR Wasn’t So Successful (and Still Relatively Isn’t)

To see if VR can be the future of gaming, first, we need to explore why it wasn’t so successful initially and isn’t relatively successful now either. While VR is suddenly becoming more popular among players, as already mentioned, its sales don’t compare to that of mediums of gaming. One of the main reasons behind this is affordability. Lots of VR headsets and gaming setups sometimes cost a lot more than some can afford. For example, take the PlayStation VR system, which is almost more expensive than the PlayStation 4 itself.

Another good reason is games and performance. Even those that can easily afford VR gaming setups sometimes choose not to spend on it at all. That’s because many of the games initially released for virtual reality turned out to be huge disappointments. The initial concept of the system promised players an immersive experience and an interactive one unlike any they’ve ever seen.

This was not even close to being the case at the start, though. Of course, limitations of technology can be blamed for this. Regardless, the broken promise of immersion and interactivity is what threw a lot of players off for what was otherwise a very hyped concept. Accessibility and ease of use are also two big problems, as virtual reality initially featured neither of these.

Can VR Be the Future of Gaming?

More and more players are starting to shift their attention towards VR in recent years after a rocky start, and the reason behind this is simple. As technology has become increasingly better, so has virtual reality and the games available for it. While most of them still aren’t as great as one would like, a few games have shown that VR is truly capable of being the future of gaming, hence the rising popularity.

Some of these games are Half-Life Alyx and Resident Evil 7, which have pushed the limits of VR to provide the experience which was once promised to players. With all of this taken into consideration, it can be said that VR could very well be the future of gaming. While it looks unlikely it will take over the industry soon, a few proper steps could make it so much more popular. With a bit bit more affordability and accessibility, virtual reality could one day become the face of the gaming industry as we know it and change gaming forever.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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