VOL 23
Issue 11v28
Str Date: 2023.332.

Our Story

At WorldsCoolestNerd.com, our story begins with a father’s desire to share a piece of myself with my six children. As a child, I spent countless hours reading comics, playing video games, tinkering with gadgets, and exploring the latest tech advancements. These experiences shaped my childhood and laid the foundation for my over 35 successful years in corporate America. However, after a deep conversation with my two youngest about what they wanted to do in life, I am unsure if spending years in corporate America is right for them in this new Digital Age. I want them to be the CEOs of their dreams. So, I set out to show my children you can do whatever you wish to, no matter where you are in life. I rediscovered my passion for reading and writing during the Pandemic, so starting a blog seemed like a natural fit. Inspired by my journey (ups and downs), I embarked on a mission to create a platform that would ignite the same passion for learning and exploration in all nerds and other like-minded individuals. Also, it seemed like a cool way to leave a little digital legacy for my children and their children.

Technology Section: Inspired by Duce

Duce, my eldest son, is a technological prodigy and an invaluable source of knowledge. With a career at one of the largest tech companies in the world, his technical expertise and passion for innovation inspired the Technology Section of our website. I am super proud to have a son like Duce. If God forbids something where to happen to me, I go on to the next life, knowing this one right here got it together. Explore the cutting-edge world of technology, from programming languages to hardware hacks, and stay updated on the latest tech trends.

Science Section: Inspired by Taylor

My daughter is the true genius of the bunch, having been the only one who skipped a school grade. She possesses an insatiable curiosity for science and is pursuing a career in the cannabis industry. Her brilliance and my desire to educate more young women about science and the mysteries of the universe inspired the Science Section of our website. Dive into biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy, exploring fascinating discoveries and groundbreaking research.

Members Only Section: Inspired by Viktor

Despite my divorce from his mother, Viktor will always remain an integral MEMBER of our family tribe. I raised him as my own since he was two years old. He currently resides in Seattle with his older brother Duce. His creativity, resilience, and commitment inspired the Members Only Section of our website. This exclusive section offers training via eBooks and videos course on a wide range of topics, including e-commerce, affiliate marketing, mental and physical health, and resources to support and empower members on their personal and professional journeys.

Comics Section: Inspired by Sir

Sir, my son has been a devoted fan of the Man of Steel since childhood. His love for Superman and all things superheroes inspired the creation of our Comics Section. Here, you’ll find reviews, recommendations, and exciting updates on the latest comic releases, immersing yourself in the vibrant world of heroes and villains.

Coolness Section: Inspired by Logan

Logan is the most unique individual you will ever meet. Logan is on a personal journey of discovery. As a father, my job is to love and support that journey no matter where it goes. Logan experiences anxiety and ADHD like a lot of kids today. As concerned parents, we did tons of research. Discover the latest in mental & physical health and creating wealth in the Coolness section.

Gaming Section: Inspired by my Youngest Son, Angelo

My youngest son is an avid gamer, rarely seen without a controller. His addiction, while scary from a concerned parent’s point of view, led to the creation of our Gaming Section. Immerse yourself in the latest gaming news, discover hidden gems, and connect with fellow gamers in a community dedicated to the joy of interactive entertainment.

At WorldsCoolestNerd.com, my goal is to provide a platform that embodies my love for all things nerdy and my dedication to sharing that passion with my children. Join us on this discovery, growth, and connection journey as we explore comics, science, gaming, technology, coolness, and the exclusive Members Only Section. Let’s celebrate our shared interests and create a community where the love for all things nerdy knows no bounds. We strive to cultivate an inclusive environment where nerds and tech enthusiasts of all ages can connect, learn, and thrive. Our vision is to provide a platform that offers knowledge and entertainment, fosters a sense of belonging, and inspires personal growth.

Join us on this exciting adventure as we celebrate the nerd culture and embrace our passions. Let’s unlock our full potential, learn from each other, and create a community where everyone can truly be their nerdy, tech-savvy selves.

Stay real,

R.Chris Lytle

Worlds Coolest Nerd