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Video Games vs. Movies


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Video Games vs. Movies

Video games are one of the most popular medium of entertainment. Just like how people like to enjoy movies, plenty of people prefer video games over movies. This is because both of them are products of entertainment to be consumed by the consumers.

However, some things differentiate a video game from a movie. Yet, we can see how one can inspire the other with ideas. So, let us compare both video games vs. movies to learn more about precisely what differentiates one from the other and in what ways are video games and films are related.

Video Games vs. Movies:

  1. Video Games Give You More Options to Interact

The first big reason many people enjoy playing video games is that they give you more accessibility and interaction. For instance, playing a video game allows the player to get a sense of control.

Whatever game you decide to play gives you the option of controlling a character or an object. Similarly, most video games also have a specific objective or mission. Completing them provides the player with a sense of achievement as well. Unfortunately, neither of these qualities can be found in a movie.

Lastly, video games also let you connect and interact. If we consider online gaming, players can make new friends and interact with them in different ways. All these things aren’t just possible in a movie.

  1. How One Gets Inspired by the Other

As already mentioned above, there’s no doubt that video games and movies are two completely different things, but this does not mean that they don’t have something in common. Video games started as a piece of pure entertainment so people could have fun. On the other hand, movies were introduced as a way to express great storytelling and narration visually.

Now, we can see even games having exquisite storytelling and fantastic narrative. In the same way, many games are getting a live adaptation/movie adaptation. The most common example would be Mortal Kombat. For those of you who are unaware, Mortal Kombat was one of the first fighting games to hit the market featuring explicit gore content. Although the game has already been adapted into a movie in the past, the most significant barrier for the film was the CGI.

Luckily, with the daily improvements that we can see in technology, the newer title has all the fans excited. The Witcher series, which is listed as one of the most popular game series of all time, also got to see a Netflix adaptation which fans seem to adore. Keep in mind that this isn’t only limited to movies. We can also see certain shows and movies getting a whole video game.

The Bottom Line

Comparing video games vs. movies, video games indeed have a slight edge over film. Recently, plenty of video game releases proved that games could also have good storytelling and excellent visual narration.

But by no means does this make movies useless. Most people like to think that both can’t co-exist without each other.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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