VOL 23
Issue 11v28
Str Date: 2023.332.

Just How Bad is Gambling in Esports?

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Just How Bad is Gambling in Esports?

Esports is now popularly recognized as a sport. And not just any sport- it is one of the most-viewed sports in the world. According to statistics, almost half a billion users watch esports regularly during major tournaments. Unfortunately, as with any other popular sport, there’s now a fair bit of gambling with esports. While this wasn’t so big initially, it has recently worsened. We’ve given all the information you need to see exactly how bad it is.

Just How Bad is Gambling in Esports?

Gambling is an issue with every sport out there. Thousands of people, or even millions in some cases, bet regularly on different competitions. This usually isn’t a problem for most and is even a form of harmless enjoyment in some cases. However, gambling becoming too popular with a sport is never good. Many people ruin their lives because of gambling, and in turn, destroys the sport itself.

Throughout the history of almost every possible sport, pro players have bet against themselves and thrown matches on purpose to make big money. Unfortunately, this is a problem now found in esports as well. Several pro esports players have been accused of throwing games, and many of these have surprisingly been found guilty. This is quite detrimental to the sport. If the fans lose trust in the sport, it won’t be long before they stop watching and supporting it.

Due to esports being so popular among the youth, underage gambling is an issue. In addition, due to underage gambling, many countries no longer condone esports gambling, and some countries have even gone as far as to make it illegal.

How does it work?

Betting on esports might seem different than regular betting. However, once you understand the basics of how esports work, you will find out that esports betting is the same as traditional betting.

People are always betting on other sports like Boxing, UFC, Baseball, and NBA. Similarly, you can bet on your favorite teams or players using one of the esports gambling platforms. The best part about esports betting is the experience it provides because the platforms are somewhat interactive and friendly and offer a good customer experience in general. As a result, Esports betting is rising, and many people are joining the trend.

Final Verdict

Esports is finally being normalized like traditional sports. That’s why betting is becoming huge, and people are already betting on their favorite players/teams. Unfortunately, Esports gambling has gotten so bad that pro players are being affected by it; there have been multiple pro players convicted of throwing games for money. But the biggest issue is gambling among the youth. Young children are spending their allowances on esports, which is bad. Do we need stricter and more effective action against betting in esports to protect our youth? What are your thoughts?

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