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Str Date: 2023.332.

Deadpool vs Joker


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Deadpool v the Joker – Which Lunatic Would Win in a Fight?

Comic book fans never stop arguing about which characters would win in a fight. Whether between characters from the same universe or between characters from different universes fighting each other, you’ll always find some great points about why one would beat the other. Keeping this trend of character comparisons in mind, we’re here to discuss what would happen if two of the most popular Marvel and DC characters, Deadpool and the Joker, were to fight each other.

Deadpool v The Joker

With No Prep-Time

The first scenario is both characters engaging in a fight with absolutely no preparation time given to either of them. Imagine, for example, both of them are just sitting in a bar or walking down the street, and they decide to fight it out, which is very plausible given the behavior of both the deranged characters. In a scenario like this, there is no argument that Deadpool would take out almost any iteration of the Joker with relative ease. While the Joker is sometimes skilled enough to duke it out with Batman, one of DC’s most talented fighters, he hasn’t ever been shown to face off against a character of Deadpool’s abilities in a fight.

The clown prince of crime is known for his antics and clever planning, meaning that he’s already at a severe disadvantage due to no prep time. On the other hand, Deadpool is a deranged killer that always has a massive arsenal of weaponry with him, along with all his overpowered superhuman abilities. Furthermore, unlike Batman and some other characters that Joker has faced off against, Deadpool won’t hesitate to kill him a second. All this would make Wade Wilson the quick and easy winner of a fight between the two if neither were given any time to prepare.

With Prep-Time

To be completely frank, Deadpool still beats Joker with significant ease regardless of how much time either character is given to prepare for their big fight. This is because the clown prince of crime is known to devise clever plans and affect all his opponents with mind games that ultimately make them easy targets. This is the Joker’s biggest strength, and it is completely useless against Deadpool since he is already a lunatic that usually isn’t affected by remorse and doesn’t tend to feel remorse for his actions.

The Joker might be capable of slowing Wade down, but it will all be futile regardless of what he tries. Regardless of anything at all that the Joker throws at Deadpool, the latter will keep coming back because of his superhuman healing and regeneration. Deadpool simply cannot die regardless of the damage he takes. He will undoubtedly use this to his advantage to overcome just about anything that Joker throws at him and eventually kill the Joker.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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