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Str Date: 2023.332.

10 Amazing Comic Book Adaptations That Are Not from Marvel Or DC

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10 Amazing Comic Book Adaptations

That Are Not from Marvel Or DC


Marvel and DC’s adaptations have proven that you can build an entire cinematic universe from comics. However, Marvel and DC are not the only ones with movies or television series derived from comic adaptations. While you may have heard of or even seen some of the following films, many people are unaware that they are based on comics. Therefore, let’s examine ten unique comic adaptations, not from Marvel or DC Comics.


There are many superhero animated shows, but we can say without any doubt that Invincible is one of the best (perhaps the best indeed). 2021 was an excellent year for the comic because its animation became a “must-watch” if you’re a fan of the comic or just a fan of superheroes. Despite being cruel and having a more mature tone, the show (as the comic) is pretty colorful. So if you haven’t seen it, you should do it now.


Sure, they are heroes too, but there’s not much of a super in them. Kick-ass hit the theaters in 2009 with the well-known Nicolas Cage and a very young Chloë Grace Moretz. A world where some people dress as superheroes even when nobody has actual superpowers. A simple but effective plot. Four years later, the second part also hit the big screen with the same formula but with more mature characters.

The Boys

Another adaptation of an unusual superhero comic, if you can call them that way. The Boys explore a much more realistic (perhaps pessimist) view of superheroes. With many bloody scenes, dark secrets, and imperfect “superheroes”, the show proposes a simple but interesting idea: What if superheroes were not as good as they look. With three seasons and twenty-four episodes, this show is a good choice if you want to stream a different approach to a superhero world.


We all know this one. After all, Hellboy is pretty well-known. It’s necessary to point out that there are different adaptations of the comic, the ones directed by Guillermo del Toro, Hellboy (2004) and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008), and the most recent one directed by Neil Marshall in 2019. Both versions are quite different, but the first two are the ones that fans and critics like the most; nonetheless, the 2019 version has its moments too.

V for Vendetta

Leaving behind the superhero movies, V for vendetta is another adaptation that many people love. They released this in 2006, starring Natalie Portman. The comic by Alan Moore is excellent. Although there are a lot of differences between the comic and the movie, the story, its action, its charismatic protagonist, and its exciting plot make V for Vendetta a good film.


300 became popular with its release in 2006, but many people don’t know that it was initially a comic created by Frank Miller. The movie was directed by Zack Snyder, another person that knows a thing or two about directing comic book adaptations. The story of the 300 Spartan warriors fits perfectly on the big screen. By the way, there is also a second part called 300: Rise of an Empire. Both movies are full of action and great footage.


Whether you read the comic or not, this is a movie you can enjoy. The first part is called Kingsman: The Secret Serviceand tells the story of the aforementioned secret service and their attempt to stop a global evil plan carried out by Richmond Valentine (interpreted by non-other than Samuel L Jackson). The first part is decent, and it has a lot of memorable action scenes and a plot that works just fine. There’s also a second movie called Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where Julianne Moore and Channing Tatum are added to the cast. This second part was not as well received as the first one, but it’s still pretty good.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Here’s a movie that every fan of the comic loved. Scott Pilgrim comic is original, and the 2004 movie was fantastic. Through a lot of cool songs and funny scenes, we see how Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) fights the exes of the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). The movie is very enjoyable, and it feels like a comic adaptation. We can also see Brie Larson before she plays Captain Marvel and Chris Evans before he was Captain America.

The Mask

The Mask was a comic before Jim Carrey played the hilarious and charismatic character in 1994. The Mask was a big part of why Jim became one of the most (if not the most) popular comedy actors in the 90s. Cameron Diaz also had a lot of recognition for her interpretation of Tina Carlyle. Despite the years on its back, the movie has aged pretty well and is still enjoyable nowadays.

Blue Is the Warmest Color

And we close up with Blue Is the Warmest Color, the adaptation of the graphic novel by Julie Maroh. The movie tells the story of Adèle, a young French girl whose life will change after knowing Emma, a peculiar blue-haired girl. Due to the plot and how graphic it can be, the truth is that this adaptation may not be for everyone, but it is a great movie. Despite its unfortunate controversies, it has had very positive reviews since it came out. It even got nominated for a Golden Globe award for best foreign language film.

There you have it, ten very different adaptations of ten very different comic books that are not from MARVEL or DC. Have you seen them all?

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