VOL 24
Issue 7v12
Str Date: 2024.194.

Unveiling the Mystic Rivalry: Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate

Unveiling the Mystic Rivalry:

Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate

Very few Marvel and DC characters have been compared as much as Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate. The reasons for this are obvious: they both have magic-based powers, have “Dr.” in their superhero names, and represent the more mystical side of things in their respective universes.

So, it is easy to see why many people would compare both characters. So, who would win in a battle between these two? Who could do the most damage? Who would come up with the most cunning strategy to win? All of those questions are going to be answered here.

There are several factors worth taking into account. However, this analysis will consider three areas: fighting skills, special abilities, and intelligence. Whoever wins two out of three of these categories will be declared the winner. Let’s begin!

Fighting skills

Regarding these two characters, fighting skills refer to their abilities in hand-to-hand combat. To put things into perspective, let’s imagine that they run out of energy and can no longer use their special abilities, so they must throw hands. Okay, who would win in this situation?

It’s hard to gauge because neither Dr. Fate nor Dr. Strange are known for being hand-to-hand fighters. They rarely, if ever, have fought using their fists, so this can go either way.

For argument’s sake, this one will go as a tie because there isn’t a lot of information that can be used to determine who is the best in hand-to-hand combat.

Winner: Tie


Special abilities must be considered because these are DC and Marvel characters. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate are both the senior magicians of their respective universes, and they also have a lot of powers and abilities. They are connected to deities in their separate universes (Dr. Fate with Nabu and Dr. Strange with Eternity), so it is safe to say that even among DC and Marvel characters, they are borderline gods regarding what they can do.

Both characters can manipulate reality, do a lot of different spells, and are masters of the mystical side of things. They have fought with some of the most powerful characters in their respective franchises and are the wise wizards who provide guidance when universe-level threats begin to pop up.

However, Strange will probably win this one if push comes to shove. The reason could be controversial, but it makes sense: he has more exposure in the comics.

While Dr. Fate is a crucial member of the Justice Society of America and is extremely powerful, he has been sidelined several times in DC Comics. That is a shame because he is a wonderful character with a lot of different abilities, but he hasn’t been given his time in the spotlight to show the full extent of his abilities.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange has been all over the place in his solo series and with multiple Marvel appearances. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given his character a lot more exposure, and the comic books have made him a much more prominent figure, thus allowing for several of his abilities to be on full display.

It might be a controversial decision for DC fans, but Strange takes the lead here.

Winner: Dr. Strange



This section refers to each fighter’s ability to develop a strategy and adapt to the many different variables that can take place in battle. This is something that can tip the scales in a fighter’s favor because it has been shown time and time again that a good strategy can beat skills.

There is no denying that these two characters are brilliant. This is how they manage to maximize their abilities, especially when dealing with reality-bending threats.

This category also goes to Dr. Strange. As mentioned in the previous case, his character has had a lot more exposure in the comics, which has allowed him to make greater use of his sense of intelligence and tactical know-how. Even universe-level events such as Infinity Gauntlet have seen Strange leading the charge and coming up with solutions to face titanic threats like Thanos.

Winner: Dr. Strange


Final Thoughts

This might be a very controversial decision to many DC fans, but this is one of those battles that would be extremely close. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate have had a lot of great stories over the years and have cemented themselves as significant characters in their respective universes. However, it has to be said that Dr. Strange has had more exposure over the years.

This is one of those situations where exposure plays a significant role. Strange has had many more stories to show what he is made of and has been a great player in the grand scheme of things in the Marvel Universe, which is why he is the winner. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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