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Issue 11v28
Str Date: 2023.332.

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke: Unmasking the Mercenaries – Who Will Reign Supreme?

Deadpool vs. Deathstroke:

Unmasking the Mercenaries – Who Will Reign Supreme?


Deadpool and Deathstroke fighting has been one of the longest-running debates in the history of comic book fandom. Because Marvel’s Wade Wilson was conceived as a Deathstroke parody (after all, his real name is Slade Wilson), fans have always compared the two and have debated who would win in a fight between them.

In that regard, there are several factors we could take into account, such as where the battle takes place, whether there is time to prep time, etc. This article will analyze three areas: fighting skills, abilities, and intelligence. Whoever wins two of these categories will be declared the winner. Let’s begin!

Fighting skills

Both Deadpool and Deathstroke are mercenaries that have done a lot of killing over the years. Considering that they are both part of superhero universes with many people with special abilities, this shows how skillful they are in combat. Plus, they also have to develop strategies to complement these skills.

It could be argued that they are pretty even, but Deathstroke takes the lead in fighting skills. The main reason is Slade’s background as a soldier and his many years of experience as a fighter. He has proven time and time again that he can fight with the best of them without being humiliated, despite his limited abilities.

Slade Wilson is a man who has fought the likes of Superman, Batman, and the Titans and even defeated many of them in the process. He is the prime-time assassin of the DC Universe. He is even the main antagonist of the Titans, as mentioned earlier, and their leader, Nightwing, when the latter decides to go solo.

Deathstroke is an expert in various assassination tactics and fighting styles, so he has much more range than Deadpool. Therefore, he is going to win this section with relative ease.

Winner: Deathstroke.


Special abilities must be considered because these are DC and Marvel characters. Some characters have abilities and powers that are special counters to others, and that can play a role in this discussion, so let’s see how these two stack up.

When push comes to shove, Deadpool will probably win in this section. The reason for this is quite simple: Wade has an impressively powerful healing ability. The comics have shown the full extent of this healing factor by returning even after his body was fully torn to pieces, which made for some of the most graphic moments in comics.

So, Deathstroke could cause a lot of damage and even tear Deadpool into shreds, and the latter could still heal. This is a major element to consider because it would become a battle of endurance, which could define this entire conflict.

On the other hand, Deathstroke doesn’t have special abilities per se. He is a super soldier who was experimented on and can use 100% of his body and brain. However, none of this could play a significant role against Deadpool’s healing factor. This is one of the main reasons that Wade’s adventures can be so whacky and bizarre. Deadpool has to win here.

Winner: Deadpool.


This section refers to each fighter’s ability to develop a strategy and adapt to the many different variables that can take place in battle. This is something that can tip the scales in a fighter’s favor because it has been shown time and time again that a good strategy can win a battle.

When it comes to intelligence, it is a fascinating case regarding these two characters. Deadpool and Deathstroke have a lot of intelligence, although they are very different, which can make this section go either way.

For example, since Deathstroke’s introduction, he has been portrayed as a master tactician. He manipulated events, used people to accomplish his goals, devised many different strategies to face opponents, and even devised tactics on the fly when engaging in battle. This is why he can encounter an enemy like Superman and survive the affair somewhat unscathed.

Wade Wilson is very different when it comes to the topic of intelligence. While Deathstroke has a lot of traditional intellect, Deadpool is known for being insane and having a lot of creativity, which has helped him come up with many unique solutions in his battles. Any reader of the Deadpool comics will tell you that there are several instances where he has managed to come out on top because of this mindset.

Now, who would be the more intelligent character in this situation? It’s hard to say, but Deadpool would probably win this discussion. This is because he would be such an unpredictable foe that Deathstroke would not know how to react.

Winner: Deadpool (by just a bit).

Final Thoughts

Deadpool would win this battle because he has some tools that Deathstroke wouldn’t know how to handle. Wade’s whacky and insane personality, excellent fighting skills, and one of the most unique healing factors in comic book history would be enough to defeat the strongest assassin in the DC universe. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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