VOL 23
Issue 11v28
Str Date: 2023.332.

Daredevil vs. Red Hood: A Match Made in Vigilante Heaven

Daredevil vs. Red Hood:

A Match Made in Vigilante Heaven

Comic book fans are always interested in knowing who would win in a battle between this and that character. It’s a great source of debate and a way for many people to flex their knowledge regarding comic book lore and abilities. In that regard, it is even more interesting when there is a thematic connection between the two characters. It adds another layer of debate between the characters and can lead to interesting opinions. Marvel Comics’ Daredevil vs. DC Comics’ Red Hood exemplifies this battle.

They are both vigilantes but have very different outlooks: Daredevil doesn’t believe in using firearms and taking lives, while Red Hood is the opposite. They both had traumatic experiences and had some morally gray periods in their lives (heck, Red Hood was a full-blown villain when he came back from the dead).

The setting and conditions

Setting up the conditions before focusing on the battle itself is crucial, so it makes a lot more sense. The main thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that it is going to be the 80s version of Daredevil and the Jason Todd of the Red Hood & The Outlaws from the original DC Rebirth run from the mid-2010s since these are two of the most iconic versions of the characters.

The battle will occur in a city; there is no prep time, and they don’t know each other beforehand. The analysis will be divided into three categories: hand-to-hand combat, intellect, and special abilities. The one who wins two of these three categories will win this battle.

Hand-to-hand combat

This section centers on the notion that the characters will not use their tools or superpowers and rely only on their hand-to-hand combat abilities. These two characters have much experience and preparation regarding hand-to-hand combat, but Daredevil gets the edge. This is primarily because Matt Murdock has much more experience and know-how when using his fists, especially considering his boxing background.

Batman, of all people, trained Jason Todd, so he has a lot of knowledge regarding hand-to-hand combat. Plus, it’s also worth considering that Red Hood focuses a lot more on using firearms, highlighting his shortcomings if he disposed of them.

Red Hood is no slouch in this department, but he is bound to lose against Daredevil in direct hand-to-hand combat.

Winner: Daredevil.


Intellect refers to the characters’ abilities to develop plans and strategies that can help them win the battle. This is why many people tend to like Batman so much: he has to rely on planning and strategizing to stack up against enemies way more robust than him. This key element could make a massive difference in any battle.

While both characters are relatively intelligent, this section has to go to the Red Hood. This is because Jason Todd was not only trained by Batman himself, one of the best strategists of the DC Universe, but also because he has a much looser moral compass.

Batman and Daredevil are similar in the sense they are both vigilantes who don’t take lives and hate firearms, which is the exact opposite of Red Hood. Jason Todd adopted this vigilante persona because he wanted to go up against this ethos and was more willing to use dirty tactics to get the desired results.

Daredevil has proven to be a competent fighter who can stand on his own when it comes to strategizing, but Red Hood is much better, and there is more comic book evidence to back it up.

Winner: Red Hood.

Special Abilities

This section refers to any special powers that the characters have. Considering that Red Hood has no special powers, Daredevil wins this by default. His significantly heightened senses due to his blindness give him the advantage.

Red Hood has proven time and time again in the comics that he can be very sneaky when it comes to fighting and coming up with strategies. Considering that they are fighting in a city, he could hide somewhere and try to attack Daredevil from different angles. However, Daredevil could dodge this attack because of his heightened senses.

Winner: Daredevil.

Final Thoughts

Daredevil gets the victory in this battle. He is a much more capable hand-to-hand fighter with heightened senses. This gives him a significant edge over Red Hood despite the latter being a better strategist. Who’s your money on? Let us know in the comment section.

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