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Best Games to Play Alone

Best Games to Play Alone

It’s Friday night, and you have a choice: Would you rather go out with your friends or stay in the comfort of your home and embrace your passion for gaming? If you chose the latter, you might face another tiny problem; What game should you play? There are so many to choose from, and you have so little time.

Well, fear not! We have brought you a list of the best single-player games you can play, each unique and perfect when flying solo. Introverts rejoice!

01. Journey

Let’s start our journey through the list with Journey, a visually stunning indie masterpiece that will capture your heart and mesmerize you. As a nameless robed figure, you travel a vast desert, passing by and interacting with other players. Don’t worry. It’s not exactly a multiplayer game. The game provides a sense of connection and shared experiences without explicit communication. This game deserves the top spot with its breathtaking visuals, heartbreaking soundtrack, and touching storytelling. You should definitely try it out!

02. Rainworld

Rainworld is a unique atmospheric survival platformer that captivates players with its stunning hand-drawn art style and challenging gameplay. This game is set in a bleak world where you control the story’s protagonist, Slugcat. You will be navigating treacherous environments and facing relentless predators. The game has a procedurally generated dynamic ecosystem and unpredictable AI, bringing danger around every corner. Because of this, its steep difficulty curve and lack of tutorials may frustrate some players. Nevertheless, those who appreciate challenges and love background storytelling will find Rain World a pleasantly memorable adventure.

03. My Friend Pedro

Suppose you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrilling and stylish action game that delivers a high-octane experience with intense gunplay and acrobatic maneuvers. In that case, My Friend Pedro is the game for you. You control a masked protagonist guided by a talking banana, where you dodge bullets, performing spectacular stunts and slow-motion kills. The game’s fluid controls, creative level design, and clever puzzles keep the adrenaline pumping throughout. The game’s quirky humor and stylish presentation add charm to an adrenaline junkie’s daydream.

04. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Let’s move on from indie games and platformers to a household triple-A title. One of recent years’ most acclaimed solo games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, offers an unparalleled adventure compared to the other open-world games. You get to become Geralt of Rivia, a renowned monster hunter and witcher, and navigate a vast open world filled with quests, rich characters, impeccable lore, and moral choices. With its immersive storytelling and deep gameplay mechanics, this action RPG offers hundreds of hours of gameplay with great replayability, leaving players captivated until the end.

05. Batman: Arkham Series

This one is for all the comic book fans who love a great superhero game adaptation. If Batman is your favorite caped crusader, you’re lucky because this solo game series is about him. The Batman: Arkham game series is an excellent solitary experience. You get to live out everyone’s dream: being Batman by following the vigilante’s footsteps and patrolling Gotham City’s grimy streets. This game series has interesting plotlines that delve into Batman’s rogues’ gallery, smooth combat mechanisms, and stealth gameplay. The Arkham series offers an exhilarating solo trip through the dark and complicated world of DC Comics with a richly crafted atmosphere, an expansive open world to explore, and a variety of irresistible side quests.

06. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If it’s the freedom to explore and to do whatever you want in a medieval fantasy setting is what you crave, then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the game for you. This vast open-world RPG transports players to the magical land of Skyrim, where they can freely roam and shape their destinies. Whether embarking on epic quests, battling mythical creatures, or simply wandering the stunning landscapes, Skyrim delivers an immersive experience. The game’s rich lore, customizable character progression, and diverse gameplay options make it a solo adventure that can be enjoyed for countless hours.

07. Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect trilogy (we don’t talk about Andromeda) stands as a monumental achievement in sci-fi RPGs and modern RPG games, delivering an unforgettable and immersive experience across the series. Thanks to its expansive environment, complex storytelling, and endearing characters, the franchise allows players to create their intergalactic journey. The games excel at fusing captivating storylines with captivating gameplay, providing the ideal balance of exploration, conflict, and choice-making. Your decisions have far-reaching repercussions, giving you a sense of responsibility. You can play the model hero everyone hopes you become or the scumbag you always dreamed of becoming, and everything in between.

08. Hades

Are you a fan of Greek mythology and couldn’t get enough of all the lore? Then Hades is what you’re looking for. A masterfully crafted action roguelike that seamlessly combines a thrilling plot, quick-fire combat, and gorgeous art style. You get to play, not as Hades as the name of the game might suggest, but Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld, and set out on an epic journey to escape the land and discover the secrets on your way. The game’s combat is fluid and dynamic, and to top it all off, there’s a wide variety of weapons and abilities to discover and upgrade from. The locations and interactions with the diverse characters make every playthrough fresh and enjoyable.


In this modern gaming era, finding a compelling single-player game you want to invest in is tough. While most developers seem to be making all the wrong choices with their games today, a few exceed players’ expectations. This article only shows a glimpse of the great solo games you can find. Solo gaming offers various alternatives for independent players, whether looking for challenging gameplay, thought-provoking tales, or a place to chill. So turn on your PC and enter these enchanting worlds to set off on exciting solo adventures.

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