VOL 24
Issue 7v12
Str Date: 2024.194.

Bee Blog Volume 5: A Plan for Total Control

Bee Blog Volume 5:

A Plan for Total Control


The A-Bee-C Springtime Poem:

In the heart of spring, when blossoms bloom,

The bees emerge from their winter’s gloom.

As sunlight dances and flowers sway,

The bees begin their bustling day.


Their industrious buzz fills the air,

As they collect nectar with utmost care.

With each journey, they carry life’s essence,

A symphony of nature’s quintessence.


Welcome back, dear readers, to the Bee Blog Chronicles, where we journey through the captivating world of beekeeping. As the World’s Coolest Nerd, I’ve traversed the highs and lows of this remarkable journey, learning invaluable lessons along the way. From the exhilaration of witnessing my first honey harvest to the heartbreak of losing colonies to pests and diseases, each experience has shaped my approach to beekeeping.


Reflecting on Past Years:

Over the past three years, I’ve encountered many highs and lows in my beekeeping endeavors. From the excitement of expanding my apiary to the challenges of managing pests and diseases, every moment has been a learning opportunity.


  • Successfully harvesting honey for the first time, a truly sweet victory.
  • Witnessing the rapid growth and expansion of my apiary with the addition of new colonies.
  • Building a strong connection with my bees and marveling at their incredible work ethic and resilience.


  • Experiencing the devastation of losing colonies due to pests and other issues
  • Struggling to prevent swarms and maintain hive integrity, leading to disruptions in colony productivity.
  • Facing setbacks in hive management and beekeeping practices requires quick thinking and adaptation to overcome challenges.


In 2024, my primary objective is to take total control of my apiary operations. No longer content with merely reacting to challenges, I’m determined to plan every detail meticulously, ensuring a successful and productive season for my beloved bees.

Goal #1: Keeping the Gold Hive Together:

I’ve devised a comprehensive plan with multiple strategies and techniques to prevent the gold hive from swarming. First and foremost, I’ll be upgrading the Gold Hive to a Ten-frame Double Brood Box, providing ample space for colony expansion.

But that’s not all. I’ll also implement a reverse split swap pyramid, redistributing frames between the two new 10-frame hives. This maximizes the odds the colony utilizes both brood boxes which will help maintain strength while minimizing swarming risks.


Goal #2: Welcoming Three New Colonies:

As part of my plan for the 2024 season, I have purchased two nucs and one package of Italian/Carniolan hybrids. This breed is mite-resistant and is often used in commercial operations because of high honey production, gentle demeanor, and larger overwinter population.

Now, let’s do a quick review. A nuc, or nucleus colony, is a small hive containing frames of bees, brood, food resources, and a mated queen. It’s like a mini hive ready to grow into a full-fledged colony.

On the other hand, a package consists of loose bees and a caged queen, typically shipped in a ventilated box. While nucs and packages serve as starting points for new colonies, nucs offer a head start with established resources.

I’ll place the smaller package of bees in an 8-frame beehive recreating the Red Hive. In addition, I will use the two nucs to recreate the Green and Blue Hives and place them in 10-frame hives. These additions will bring fresh energy and vitality to my beekeeping endeavors.


Final Thoughts:

As we embark on this new season, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation. With a clear plan in place and a renewed sense of purpose, I’m confident that we’ll overcome any challenges that come our way. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty and wonder of beekeeping, one hive at a time. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the Bee Blog as we witness the magic of spring unfold.

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